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The mission of Catalyst Pro Performance is to inspire transformations by empowering individuals to perform at their best, make sustainable changes in health & fitness and achieve their goals.

Camala Rodriguez owns Catalyst Pro Performance and competes as a professional bodybuilder

Real World Results

“I’ve been training with Camala for 6 weeks now and I already notice a difference in my strength just doing day to day activities. Camala’s positive attitude drives me through my workouts…even when I don’t feel like working out! Her expertise has really changed the way I approach things in the gym, and for that I’m grateful.”
Samantha M.
“There are only 2 things you need to do if you want to achieve your physique goals: 1. Hire Camala, 2. Do what she says. She’s not only passionate about training and nutrition, she’s incredibly knowledgeable about both. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s the best!”
David B., Physical Therapist
“Camala is a wonderful trainer and mentor. She has provided me with guidance and instruction both in and out of the gym. Perhaps the greatest gain I’ve received from my training with Camala is in my self-confidence. Camala helps push you both physically and mentally, but she does so in a positive, encouraging manner…”
Drue H.

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