When it comes to identifying your body goals I think there are some important factors to take into play. What are you doing now to be a healthy version of self? Nutrition, physical activity, consistency and accountability are some key players in having a successful plan of action.

First, we are our own worst critics so remember to be gentle with the perspective we have on our self-image. Everyone starts somewhere and it’s definitely not overnight when it comes to creating your most physically aesthetic self. Second, take photos so that there is a clear starting point and you can visualize areas that need the most work. This also gives you the ability to monitor your progress. Trust me, when you reach your goal you’ll wish you had proof of how far you’ve come.

Don’t compare yourself to others constantly! Physically some of us can never achieve a body that we really admire, but we can do our best to keep the principle of accountability and consistency to build our greatest physique. We do this by making better choices in our daily nutrition, nutrient timing and physical fitness.

Do you find yourself short on time? Have you have tried to make changes on your own before but have been unable to accomplish your goals? Then reach out to someone who can help you! Personal trainers, coaches, friends that have the same desire to change their life can be the catalyst to change in your body goals. There is no I in team and when you work to achieve body goals it is always better to have a team backing you up to push you and remind you why you started in the first place. Then you can be a catalyst for the next person who decides that they want to tackle goals the same way that you will once you say YES I can do this!

When you are too tired to push yourself: make sure you’ve prepared for when this will happen, because it’s not an IF, you will have days where you lack the motivation or energy. Make an attainable schedule of training days, cross-training days, yoga, or extra physical activities including some with a buddy to help keep you accountable. If I know that I need to be there for my buddy, then I surely will find the will to push, even when I don’t want to. Have at least one day to “reboot” that reward yourself in some sort of down time such as mani/pedi, playdates with the animals, or whatever it is that “reboots” your spirit. This will give you extra strength on those days that it just seems like too much to deal with. Fuel your body with a well balanced nutrition ideal. Minimal 3 meals with two small snacks. Read up on what the macro nutrition a person of your weight, size and amount of physical activity you are doing should be ingesting. Do your best and take baby steps, this part is always the hardest to wrap our heads around if we have no experience or have had bad experience in the past.

Lastly, put up reminders around you whether it be photos of inspirational athletes, quotes or daily affirmations. Something as simple as a post it on your mirror that says “I’m a champion!” or my personal favorite, set an alarm that says “kick today’s AS$!” Whatever it is that brings out the fire in you, remind yourself you are able, competent and you can do anything you set your mind to.