Real World Results

“Camala has been educating me on mind and body fitness since the end of May 2018. This mental and physical growth has been more gratifying than I originally planned. She has made my growth process simple with her easy follow meal/training split programs but the most crucial improvements have come from the one on one sessions. Camala is the top notch coach you didn’t know you needed!”
Paul T.
“I’ve been training with Camala for 6 weeks now and I already notice a difference in my strength just doing day to day activities. Camala’s positive attitude drives me through my workouts…even when I don’t feel like working out! Her expertise has really changed the way I approach things in the gym, and for that I’m grateful.”
Samantha M.
“There are only 2 things you need to do if you want to achieve your physique goals:
1. Hire Camala, 2. Do what she says.
She’s not only passionate about training and nutrition, she’s incredibly knowledgeable about both. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s the best!”
David B., Physical Therapist
“In 2012 I asked Camala to be my trainer and nutritionist. I was 6’4″ 180lbs and I told her I wanted to put on 15 lbs of lean muscle in 1 year. I had always struggled to put on muscle even though I’d been consistently weight training for 3+ years.

Camala took my training to a completely different level and showed me how to make meal planning easy. Her technique with strength & conditioning training is unparalleled. Through balanced nutrition and her guidance and inspiration I reached my lean muscle goal in 6 months! I’ve used the principles she taught me to build a lean 210 lbs physique and I utilize her expertise whenever I’m ready to challenge myself. She is the true Catalyst for my transformation!”

Andrew M.
“Camala is an excellent trainer!

She knows how to push me through a workout. She pushes me out of my comfort zone. She can be tough at times, but she manages to push me and get me to the next level. My workouts with Camala are always challenging and always different. She always makes sure my form is correct and my breathing and core are strong.

She really has pushed me to achieve more and to want to be the best I can be.”

Cintia V.
“Camala is a wonderful trainer and mentor. She has provided me with guidance and instruction both in and out of the gym. Perhaps the greatest gain I’ve received from my training with Camala is in my self-confidence. Camala helps push you both physically and mentally, but she does so in a positive, encouraging manner. Camala is as compassionate as she is athletic, and she thrives on sharing her experience with others. As someone who found the weightlifting world extremely intimidating, I couldn’t recommend a better introductory teacher.”
Drue H.
“I’ve been working with Camala since January 2015, and honestly can say that I’ve had nothing but positive benefits and a great experience! From January-March, 2015, Camala guided and counseled me in preparing for a figure competition in San Diego, California. She worked with me on my nutrition (actually, wrote exactly what I ate each and every day for 11.5+ weeks; I was NEVER hungry and never felt like I needed to cheat with Milk Duds, quite a feat!), offered me helpful and informative options for “upping” my cardio; and prepared me for stage (helping me with posing, “strutting,” and simply feeling more confident about my presentation/appearance). I had a great outcome at the show and felt amazing coming out of the show; not the normal “yuck” that previously I had associated with the depletion week.

I was so convinced on Camala and her abilities and understanding of dieting and exercise, that I hired her again in preparation for an upcoming show in Denver. This go around, she’s helped me even more. She’s still doing my nutrition, but I’ve trained with her on a regular basis, and believe that I can see physical changes like never before. My back is stronger and fuller; my legs have filled in (despite being 47 and not certain that I could beat gravity and the other signs of age); and my butt looks like it did when I was 25! Her knowledge, experience, support, and above all, her kind and generous heart are incomparable. Lots of accolades I know, but all truly deserved. Camala is a wonderful person and trainer to have in your corner!”

Kendall K. Picardi, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Peak Bodyworks, Inc.
“Camala started training me in late October of 2015. Camala and I had met at a wedding the month prior and we just seemed to “click” with one another. We work on both – training and nutrition, and her support, encouragement, and knowledge have been an incredible blessing on this health-seeking journey of mine. The biggest challenge in her program is honestly convincing yourself that you ARE worth the results and that you CAN achieve anything once you get your mind on track. With Camala, you find guidance in your choices and struggles. She alters her program to fit each client’s needs. She goes at your pace and pushes when you need to be pushed. She does not set expectations that seem out of reach, nor does she scold if your results are not instant. With her, I’ve found a trainer that I can believe in, just as much as she believes in me. I always look forward to our sessions together and view her to be blessing.”
Jaira T.
“I have been training with Camala Rodriguez-McClure since December 2011. My initial goal was to lose weight since I had 2 babies and the extra weight just would not come off. With Camala’s challenging workouts and specialized diet plan, I lost almost 40 pounds in a matter of months! I was so happy with my results!

I continue to train with Camala because she helps me maintain my health and fitness goals. Her knowledge and dedication is unsurpassed. I now feel better, stronger, and look better than I have in years. She has taught me how to eat for my body type and I have not gained any weight back! She listened to my needs and really pushed me to a whole new level of health. Camala continues to challenge and inspire me to stay on a healthy and positive life path.

My husband was so happy with my results, he now trains with her as well. He is losing weight, getting stronger and gaining muscle definition. He’s also learning so much about clean eating and making better food choices.

Camala has the ability to connect with clients of all ages, shapes and sizes! She knows her clients limits and still continues to motivate them and their mindset towards health and happiness!”

Franca B.

You can reach your goals.